SDV English School is a private and oldest educational institutions in Varanasi Located amidst the cultural capital of India and the fastest growing city of Uttar-Pradesh Varanasi the school was established in 1970. The school building is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system and it's earthquake resistant. We have highly qualified & dedicated faculty, we emphasis on constant enhancement of the teachers and students as well as parents. It is a non-profit, nonproprietary educational institution. In SDV English School we encourage the students in their Physical, Mental and social development.


At SDV English School, the entire academic programmed is planned to encourage the spirit of enquiry & self-learning, which happens in & outside classrooms. The subject teachers do not only conine themselves to classroom teaching but also believe in participating in the all-round development of the children and their own. At SDV English School, we believe that various activities such as speech, debates and plays enable students to develop critical thinking, expression & communication skills. We have a well- thought procedure for recognizing & rewarding the exceptional efforts of the students at the school level as well as class level. These rewards encourage the students to strive for better performance in various activities related to the school curriculum . The SDV English School seeks to blend academics with practical knowledge in a unique ecosystem. SDV English School has set a new benchmark in education through its -Cullum at our school is designed to teach a multi-dimensional approach in a problem-solving manner, through teamwork and research. We at SDV English School believe that every student is unique in customized approach towards each student nurtures each child into a confident individual, capable of coping with approach towards the entire process of imparting education. The curriers of creativity, talent, interest and inclination. Hence, our the challenges of tomorrow.



Vision Statement

Mission Statement SDV ENGLISH SCHOOL aim is to be an institution of excellence where sound ethical values, character, wisdom, leadership, service and academic achievement are encouraged in a safe environment.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the school is to provide an environment that emphasis on intellectual and emotional growth in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential and highest academic standards are achieved; Where emphasis is laid on integrity, ethics, moral courage, hard work, responsibility and self-discipline; SDV ENGLISH SCHOOL focus on developing visionary, articulate and conident individuals with sensitivity and concern for the less fortunate, the environment, diversity and communal harmony, human rights and democratic values; Where students, teachers, parents and the administration work together as a nurturing community.


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Shri Kedar Nath Rai


Dear students, parents, staff members and well-wishers, It is my honor and privilege to greet you with warm prayerful wishes that you be showered with abundant blessings from the Almighty.

Each of us, sooner or later, goes through a moment or a situation when it seems that we are on the wrong road, and life is moving in the wrong direction. But … this is also true that some things are within our control and what disturbs us are not events or situations, but our attitude towards them.

Dear all, I wish you the blessing of a positive attitude, and this is what we also try to build in our students. We, at the SDV ENGLISH SCHOOL , strive to provide a platform where a child is holistically educated, encompassing physical (physiological), mental (cognitive), social, emotional (psychological) and spiritual growth. We aim that our students became a resource for tomorrow. We accentuate learning by synergy and collaboration and this surely comes with a positive attitude towards life. Every student at SDV ENGLISH SCHOOL is given a voice and avenue where they are able to express their knowledge and dream big and achieve big.

I am confident that at the SDV ENGLISH SCHOOL, everyone will understand the true meaning of life, love life and live life to its fullest with the Almighty as the guide, and reach the heights of glory.

May the Almighty Load, continue to protect and bless our schools.

Shri Kedar Nath Rai